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Casting Call - If/When

ARACOURT are in the process of casting voice actors for their new short stop motion animation film, If/When. Applications close this Thursday the 18/05/2023.

Concept art of Ollie falling into the time swirl. Concept Art: Courtney Westbrook, 2022.


If/When is a short stop motion animation created by award-winning ARACOURT Studio and directed by filmmaker Courtney Westbrook. Known for CNUT and Theo and Celeste. If/When follows Ollie, who is born with a unique time-travelling condition and struggles to make lasting, meaningful connections until they meet Az. Knowing their future, Ollie tries to prevent a predetermined outcome for the sake of their partner Az and defies the universe to keep them together.


OLLIE and AZ are the two lead roles that we would love you to consider applying for. Applications close this Thursday the 18/05/2023 via StarNow.

Inspiration image from If/When treatment.


Both roles would require approx. two half-days for recordings, one for the scratch track recording and the other for a final voice recording.

The scratch track recordings we would like to record in the last weekend of May 2023, but we are flexible.

Both roles are paid via direct debit and inclusive of superannuation. The rate for Ollie is $600 AUD, and for Az $400 AUD. Additional compensation includes IMDb credit, a screen credit, a digital copy of the film upon online release of film, approved marketing material throughout the creation of the film, $100 worth of festival entries in the category of acting and transportation during production.

Inspiration image from If/When treatment.

Ollie embodies much of what we have recently experienced as “ordinary” human beings. We have struggled to makes plans for a future that is constantly changing, and have felt the distance, knowing that we have had to stay put for the safety of our loved ones. Rather than let these experiences be the driving force for the tone of our short film, the message we want to convey is the importance of connection.

Inspiration image from If/When treatment.

If/When is a stop motion animation experimenting with physical 3-dimensional armature puppets combined with 2-dimensional layers of painted textures to create diorama environments.

Inspiration image from If/When treatment.

My hope for If/When is to hire a female led crew to help create equity on and off Australian screens. My experience of the creative industry to date has unfortunately been dominated by one voice so I wish to fight for and help lift new voices to the forefront. - Courtney Westbrook, 2022.

We appreciate your consideration to become a part of this collaboration.


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