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ARACOURT - Studio Warming

ARACOURT have been looking for a new premises ever since they outgrew Ara's garage located in Kingsford.

Ara (Left), Courtney (Right), Creative Directors of ARACOURT. At their studio warming. Photography: Gray Horwitz, 2nd July 2022

Having made the decision to run ARACOURT Studio full time, we spent a few months looking for a studio that was easily accessible, centrally located and preferably surrounded with a creative community. Introduced to our new premises through, Susie and Chris who run Knuckles Animation out of their studio at the Redfern Woodburn Creatives warehouse. We (Ara and Courtney) found the perfect studio in Woodburn Creatives Waterloo warehouse.

We spent a few weeks renovating the studio, and documenting the process in another blog (released soon). To celebrate all the hard work that went into the cleaning, painting, sanding and building we decided to host an evening thanking those people who have supported, worked with and inspired ARACOURT since it's humble beginnings.

Richie Black (left), Ara Nuri Steel (middle) & Courtney Westbrook (right)

The studio warming was also a good opportunity to raise some attention to our fundraising campaign with Australian Cultural Fund (ACF), which having just closed managed to raise $12,400.00 with combined ACF and private donations. These donations will all go towards the creation of If/When, ARACOURT's second in-house stop motion animation. Written by Richie Black (above), winner of ARACOURT's 2020 writers competition. Richie Black's winning script is currently in pre-production at ARACOURT Studio, and we will be posting blogs about it's progress as it is created.

Courtney giving guests a tour of the newly renovated studio.

Highlights of the night, were the attendance of so many wonderful creatives, long running friends and colleagues of Ara's and Courtney's. Composer Chrysoulla Markoulli who created the compositions for CNUT and ARACOURT's Showreel, David Burrowes who suggested Ara and Courtney start a business (back in 2018), Monica Davidson (founder of Creative Plus Business), ARACOURT's business advisor for over six years, and Ara's parents Tess Horwitz and Tony Steel who have been ongoing benefactors and supporters of ARACOURT since the beginning. Ara and Courtney heard a wonderful speech and sing song from Kirsten Anker and Robert Glasser (who helped run the evening).

Having had such a wonderful night we've been inspired to host ongoing networking events. Stay tuned by joining the ARACOURT mailing list.


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